Hello there, welcome.

I'm Daan Beusink a Dutch programmer who loves to code industrial software (PLCs), embedded software (Arduino), (Windows) desktop applications and long-running (micro)services (Docker, Windows, Linux).

I'm working as a senior software engineer at Westover. At Westover I code industrial software for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) of various brands for the industrial automation market.

In addition, I also code C# desktop applications and long-running services using the .NET platform.

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Regions of interest:
Industrial Development

I love writing industrial applications for PLC brands such as Siemens, Bekchoff and Sigmatek.

The transport automation sector such as sorting solutions and warehouse and distribution is we're I'm most experienced at.

Desktop Development

C# desktop applications, long-running services and containerized applications.

I'm most enthusiastic in writing long-running middleware applications that realizes a bridge between Industrial machines and large business systems such as SAP.

Embedded Development

In my free time I love experimenting with electronics and embedded controllers.

Home-automation, arty light projects and other amazing stuff is what I most like.